Desserts in Singapore are a melting pot of diverse influences, just like the island’s people. They come together in a colourful smorgasbord of food that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!
A powerful typhoon ripped into southern Japan Tuesday, dumping torrential rains on the region that left some communities partially submerged and forced dozens of flights to be cancelled.
Rachel’s rare condition means that a bath is agony; even her own tears will scorch her face. How can the human body reject life’s most basic necessity?
Going on an eloquent rant in 140 characters ain't easy -- but that's always been the point.
It's only September, but the holiday season is already fast-approaching. This means we have a bunch of big purchases in our near future, whether those are gifts to loved ones or Black Friday deals.
Nearly every day, Bruno makes the four-mile trek into town and has become a fixture with area residents who have dubbed him the town dog.
Iceland… Niceland, Paradiseland, beautyland… You can associate the name with a lot of nice adjectives to describe its beauty.
If you’ve ever thought of volunteering while you travel, now’s the time! There is a growing number of opportunities to give back to the communities you visit.

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