Ever wanted Benedict Cumberbatch for Christmas? Well, you can’t. But if you want him for Easter then you just might be in luck thanks to the unique creation of a Brighton-based chocolatier.

Jen Lindsey-Clark, otherwise kn
Scientists believe they have discovered a way to "steer" the immune system to kill cancers. Researchers at University College, London have developed a way of finding unique markings within a tumour - its "Achilles heel" - al
Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor has acquired exclusive rights to the revolutionary Vantablack pigment, said to be the blackest shade of black ever created.

Kapoor – who designed the Orbit tower for the London Olym
Playing video-games for a long time could damage your health, if you are pro gamer like me, your eyes, bones, heart and brain health could be at the risk of getting slowly damaged. Playing video-games for a long time could d
Former heavyweight and cruiserweight world boxing champion David Haye reveals the secrets behind delivering the perfect knockout punch.

The night air crackled with tension. In the ring, the two protagonists were engaged i
Soccer's world governing body FIFA took a first step toward overcoming years of corruption and scandal on Friday by overwhelmingly passing a set of reforms intended to make it more transparent, professional and accountable.
Super Rugby spreads its horizons to Japan and Argentina as the new season kicks off on Friday with an ambitious expansion to 18 teams and two more continents but also a conspicuous lack of star power.

A host of retirement
Italian industrial product designer Marco Schembri decided to show what famous logos would look like if they were affected by their own products. McDonald's logo gets fat from burgers, Gillette is cut into pieces with a razo

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