In a remarkable public health achievement, Sri Lanka was today certified by the World Health Organization on having eliminated malaria, a life-threatening disease which long affected the island country.
Rachel’s rare condition means that a bath is agony; even her own tears will scorch her face. How can the human body reject life’s most basic necessity?
Humans dream throughout most of the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep phase.
It all began when the teenager, from Stoke-on-Trent, started coughing up blood in March 2013. That continued for a couple of years until she woke in the night in July 2015 with her face covered in blood. She was bleeding fro
Being healthy shouldn't be a choice one has to make -- it's a beneficial commitment to your overall well-being, lifestyle, and mental growth as a human being.

Acknowledging and being aware of making better choices in your
Scientists believe they have discovered a way to "steer" the immune system to kill cancers. Researchers at University College, London have developed a way of finding unique markings within a tumour - its "Achilles heel" - al
In Britain alone we drink 70,000,000 cups of coffee a day – but what is that doing to our bodies?

As BBC presenter Michael Mosley explains in the video above, coffee is full of mysteries. It stops us sleeping, but doesn’t
Here is a simple 30 Day Abs challenge to tone up your Abs and burn your stomach fats. I have collected this workout plan from the net and decided to design a poster for it. I personally have done this challenge and I would s